Brandon Cole Anderson

Brandon Cole Anderson: Why Outdoor Activities Are So Important Right Now

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it can be a little frustrating to stay cooped up in the house all day long. And it is no surprise if you are feeling a little bit down by this because humans are mobile by nature. “We literally need to physically move around in order to stay healthy.” Brandon Cole Anderson says. “That is how we are built-it really is a matter of form and function.” Brandon Anderson continues. But nobody has said that you can’t go outside and be in the great outdoors. “I have seen it as an opportunity to reconnect with nature. To put the phone down and get away from the news.” Brandon Cole Anderson says. Using his expertise in fishing and his knowledge of the outdoors, Brandon Anderson is looking to give some advice on how people can cope with being locked up due to the pandemic situation. “I am just looking to help and want to show people why they need to get outside, especially right now.”

1. You Need Vitamin D

One of the best ways to obtain Vitamin D is by going out into the sun and getting exposed to rays of the sun. “This will only help your immune system and help in your defense in case you do get infected.” Brandon Cole Anderson says. And he isn’t wrong as sunlight is the main source of Vitamin D humans can get from UV rays hitting the skin cells. “Vitamin D keeps your bones, skin, and teeth healthy,” Brandon explains. “It also allows you to keep your immune defenses up.”

2. Learn A New Skill

“I didn’t learn how to fish by sitting inside my house and watching YouTube videos.” Brandon says. “I had to get up off the couch, leave the house, and take a boat out onto the lake.” Having to physically get up and do these tasks instilled in Brandon Cole Anderson a work ethic as well as a working knowledge of the mechanics behind fishing. “Learning skills associated with fishing has helped me in a number of other avenues in my life.” Brandon Cole Anderson says.

3. Be Physically Active

“Being physically active can do wonders on your mental health, especially right now.” At a time when many Americans are sitting down and watching the news, waiting for new coronavirus updates, Brandon Cole Anderson believes people should be getting out there and doing something physical. “At the end of the day, unless you are a healthcare worker or play a huge role in the government, there is not much you can do except make sure that you are both physically and mentally strong. Staying active can help you do this in more ways than one.” Brandon¬† Cole Anderson says.

When it comes to making sure you are in top form during the pandemic, folks would do well to heed Brandon Cole Anderson‘s advice. By staying in peak physical shape, getting enough Vitamin D, and learning a new skill, people can make sure they are both mentally and physically strong enough to get through the pandemic.